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Need Musicians for my Original Music (Anzeige vom 31.01.2018) Website
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Just moved to Wiesbaden... released my debut album 'The Fifth' in December 2017. Looking for local musicians in Wiesbaden/surrounding area to play my original music. Listen @ Also available on all streaming/buying services (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.). Search Whitford, look for the album 'The Fifth'. As I've just moved to Wiesbaden, I'm looking for everything--lead guitar, bass, drums, and keys. I prefer those who can sing and play as well, as my music features vocal harmonies. I will be playing guitar (perfectly happy to be doing mostly rhythm, though I'll take solos from time to time) and singing lead vocals. As I've just moved here, I don't yet have practice space... if I find my band, I'll make it a priority.
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